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Responsible Tourism

Our Social Responsibility

In Alfiz we are concerned about protecting the people around us and also to preserve the environment.

That's the reason why we have a strong policy against sexual exploitation in all its forms and we don't allow escorts or occasional visits to access the rooms.

Alfiz Hotel was a pioneer in the city as we have signed The Code of Conduct to drive a responsible tourism and protect children from sexual exploitation in travel and tourism ( in collaboration with ECPAT International, funded by UNICEF and supported by the UNWTO.

Our concern for protecting the environment results in the implementation of a Rule of Sustainable Tourism: 


Alfiz Hotel Boutique establishes its commitment to sustainable management, through actions intending to prevent, eliminate or reduce negative impacts on cultural, environmental, and economic aspects in our facilities and internal and external activities.

We are concerned about the effort in the preservation of natural resources reducing the impact on biodiversity and promoting its preservation for future generations.

We promote the conservation of the cultural heritage of Cartagena, preserving the sites of cultural interest, recognizing the culture and traditions, and preventing the illegal trade of cultural property.

We confirm our total rejection of the sexual commercial exploitation of children, girls, and teenagers and any other method of labor child exploitation and the different forms of discrimination. We work together with authorities, employees, and suppliers in order to avoid this kind of abuse and warn our guests that these forms of behavior are subjected to penal and administrative sanctions provided by the law in force.

We are committed to training our staff so they are able to inform all guests, clients, and providers about our sustainable principles and good practices that strengthen the development and growth of cultural, social, and environmental responsibility.